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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat your property using energy from the ground, all year round.

Ground Source Heat Pump Technology

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) extract energy from the ground and convert it into heat, enabling you to heat your home and water without the use of any fossil fuels, all year round.

Looped pipes are laid at least a metre underground through which glycol antifreeze is pumped. The glycol heats up as a result of passing through the ground, which remains at a temperature of 10°C in the UK at the depth of one metre throughout the year. Using compression, the heat pump (which is sited indoors)  increases the heat energy from the glycol, which is then used to heat your property in a clean and renewable way.

GSHPs are the most efficient type of heat pump. Whilst they require a little electricity to operate, the conversion of this energy into heat energy can yield 5 times as much, making them a 400-500% efficient heating system.

Why choose Ground Source?

Cost Effective 

Extremely efficient 

100% renewable heating solution (if used with a green electricity supplier) 

Receive the Renewable Heat Incentive 

A constant background temperature within the property

Low running costs

Easily Maintained

Compatible with radiators & underfloor heating 

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

By installing a Ground Source Heat Pump, you will likely qualify for the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. The Government incentivises renewable heating systems to encourage people to choose a green heating option over a polluting, fossil fuel system. Our free quotations will provide you with a detailed breakdown of what you might expect to receive from the RHI, which could be up to £12,710 over 7 years. Find out more about the RHI.

What we offer

GSHP for new builds

GSHP for existing properties

Domestic & Commercial

Servicing & Maintenance 

We use the highest quality heat pumps from the most reputable brands. With the recommended  servicing, you can expect your heat pump installed by us to last for over 20 years.

What to expect from us

We share an office and work closely with renewables consultancy expert, Dartmoor Energy Ltd. Between us we offer each client:

Phone & email communication to discuss your project

A 3 stage no pressure sales process

A tailored system design and free quotation

A high quality, MCS accredited installation

Client pack & commissioning documents

5 year workmanship warranty

5 year parts and labour warranty

Get in touch with our highly knowledgeable team to find out which heat pump might be best for you.

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